Connect marketing, sales and revenue operations.

Tacenda analyses data end-to-end, meaning departments can act collaboratively. Leverage the Tacenda's data-driven insights with your data. It’s time to determine your current and future target attainment.

Marketing & Sales Enablement

Volume or Quality?

How do you measure lead quality, the effort put into each lead created for sales teams and what your most effective form of marketing is? The reality is that once you give sales a lead, it enters a land of mystery and measuring the quality of these leads consist of many (inaccurate) reports. Let Tacenda measure the effectiveness of your leads and give you actionable insights.

Lead Source

Tacenda was built by a team with over 45 total years working in high growth startup and scale-up environments. In that time there have been some very expensive mistakes seen across marketing teams. How do you save cost on demand generation without taking a gamble on a lead source? Measure the lead source effectiveness in real-time.


A single source of truth with less storytelling about what happened to all the leads you have created. Your sales and marketing teams can benefit from working together rather than working from different reports and getting nowhere with efficiency and effectiveness measures.


Identify areas of improvement on a rep level and action any relevant training in a personalised fashion. No more one size fits all training days.


Organise training sessions issues found in the data. Identify key areas of expertise that the individuals are lacking and host group sessions for reps struggling with specific areas of the sales cycle.

Improve efficiency and effectiveness of each contributor

There is nothing worse than taking an entire day to host one size fits all training sessions - ask a performer. This is not efficient for the trainer, the reps or the business.

C-Level & Revenue Operations


Attribution is clearly visible through-out the customer life-cycle and macro-comparisons (team, model, geography, product etc) allowing for optimal structure whether you're trying to maximise your growth for valuation or stripping cost. Additionally, Tacenda allows bench-marking in and across industries.

Ear to the ground

Take a pulse check on the health of your individual contributors and assess which teams are more efficient and how to get the same level of success across the floor. Pinpoint what attitude, behaviour or technique is differentiating them from the others and train accordingly.

Know your team

Most C-level executives don't realise the positive impact a simple “well done” from such a senior person has on the person who receives the compliment and the level of competition that can drive across the team.

Data intelligence

Make better decisions based on actionable insights and intervene before it's too late. Pipelines are typically inflated based on hope or deflated based on fear of commitment. Unfortunately, this is natural human behaviour and changing that is incredibly challenging. No more smoke screens, use data insights to have a realistic view of your pipeline.


It's always someone else's fault when things don't go to plan; however when you can filter aggregate data and narrow down on granular detail, you can see how productivity is impacting growth day-to-day. Empower teams to control the controllables and focus on your business' growth together.

Operational Inefficiencies

"A growing company loses 20%-30% of its revenue due to operational inefficiencies" according to Forrester Research. The cross-departmental gaps being closed can have a huge impact on the future growth potential of your teams and business.

Individual contributors & Talent Acquisition

Dip in Today's Activity, Impact on Tomorrows Attainment.

Tacenda will take a look at your historic data, analyse it and tell you at what level your teams need to operate, to hit your targets in the future. It factors in your ASP, velocity, efficiency and effectiveness by rep.

Understand What is Causing Failure

To know where you're headed, you must understand where you have been. There is no point forecasting based on emotion when history and data intelligence shows you that, based on your interaction with a prospect, the likelihood of a deal closing is close to 0.

ROI per rep

Businesses make huge investments in reps in the hope that they have hired a superstar and managers often take a pulse check on their ramping reps to get a feel of how they are improving. Wouldn't things be simpler if you could compare their productivity to successful reps with a single click?

Talent Pipeline

Talent Acquisition has a pipeline that should be managed with the same level of urgency as a sales funnel. Late reaction to urgent open headcount can have a detrimental effect on the bottom line which is why Tacenda will let you see the cost of open headcount.

Talent and Revenue

In business reviews, headcount is talked about as an after-thought and the impact is rarely expressed in terms of revenue generated. One of the most influential factors on the final revenue number is headcount but it rarely gets the appropriate level of focus in traditional sales management.


Sales managers are often reluctant to remove underperformers for fear of being unable to replace them promptly but 2 months of searching, 1 month notice period and 3 months ramping means that the fear is warranted. A well-stocked people pipeline reduces the impact of attrition and frees sales management to appropriately manage under-performance.

Time to determine your current and future target attainment.

Leverage the Tacenda's data-driven insights with your data.

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