Identify areas you need to focus on to improve the productivity of your sales pipeline.

Tacenda spots trends that lead to success, meaning you can create informed strategies that drive positive change.


Real-time alerts & intervention across the entire growth engine

Tacenda spots trends that lead to success, meaning you can create informed strategies make the right decisions and drive positive growth across all revenue generating teams.


Retroactively act on any deficiencies that can impact your revenue attainment. Act in real time to avoid any leakages.


Identity, on an individual basis, what key training is needed to help each individual achieve to the fullest potential.

Interdepartmental efficiency

Eliminate inefficiencies across departments by leveraging Tacenda’s end-to-end revenue optimisation platform.


Continuous insight and visibility in real-time

Tacenda, monitors all leading and lagging indicators in real-time filtering 1000’s of combinations to identify cause and most likely solution.


Maximise performance end-to-end across all revenue generating departments

Tacenda, allows your business to change course when needed. You're always aware of the impact each activity has on the final growth number.

Take advantage of QBR worthy data in real time!

Enable your leaders to intervene when leading indicators show any dip in performance.

Connect to data sources
Set up targets and alerts
Start optimising revenue
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use cases

Designed for all your teams

Individual contributors

Whether you have BDM's, AE's, AM's, CSM's or SDR's; incremental improvements cause exponential growth. Take advantage of Tacenda to give you a realtime insight on what activities are driving success or failure. Measure IC's side by side and intervene when leading indicators warn you of any signs that there is a dip in efficiency, effectiveness or quality.

Revenue Operations

Monitor all revenue-generating activities across the growth engine with granular and aggregate insight into all departments. Take control of the reigns and lead revenue optimisation initiatives from End2End with instant filtering capabilities to identify not only ‘root cause’ performance issues as they happen but express the challenge as an impact on the final revenue number.


Planning, analysis, churn, efficiency and effectiveness; keep your ear to the ground and gain visibility of what really is happening in your business, identify issues and take action. Remove all the noise of inter-departmental bickering and gain insight into performance issues and unravel the mystery behind success across the entire growth engine.


Marketing "we've created 120 leads this month". Sales "they are not good leads". This familiar dance has been costing business' too much for too long. Accurately measure the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing spend and what happens to these leads once they are in the funnel.

Sales Enablement

Save time when finding coaching opportunities with individual reps based on their current challenges. No need to pull all the IC's away from their job to provide a one size fits all training module, now you can tailor these sessions based on need. Use data to identify common enablement gaps across all contributors and avoid bad habits being spreading across teams.

Talent Acquisition

How long does it take you to fill an open role and how much does any delay cost you? On average, it takes 90 days to fill an empty seat and 60-90 days to ramp a new starter. You can lose 9 months before you know that you have made a good hire. Time is money and a quality candidate pipeline has a huge impact on the bottom line.

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