Optimise Revenue, accelerate growth and scale.

Tacenda is a revenue optimisation platform that accelerates growth through rapid intervention. Tacenda gives revenue leaders accurate actionable insight in real-time and reveals any gaps slowing down revenue generation.

Identify what areas you need to focus on to improve the productivity of your revenue pipeline. Effortlessly.

Tacenda spots trends that lead to success, meaning you can create informed strategies that drive positive change on-the-fly.

Sales forecasting

To know where you're headed, you must understand where you have been. There is no point forecasting based on emotion and feeling. Using historical data intelligence, find out the likelihood of a deal closing to forecast with confidence.

People analytics

Pinpoint coaching opportunities with individual reps based on their current challenges. No need to pull all them away from their job to provide a one size fits all training module, now you can tailor these sessions based on need. Create an agile enablement program by using data to identify common training gaps across all contributors and avoid bad habits being spreading across teams.

Connect marketing, sales and revenue operations.

Tacenda analyses data end-to-end, meaning departments can act collaboratively. By taking away the hassle of identifying data and trends, you leave your teams to be curious, productive and inventive.

Sales enablement
Revenue operations
Talent acquisition
Individual contributors

Monitor all revenue-generating activities across the growth engine with aggregate and granular insight into all departments. Take control and lead revenue optimisation initiatives from end-to-end with instant filtering capabilities. Identify, not only the root cause of performance issues, but do so in real-time in order to impact the final revenue number. No need to rely on quarterly business review to identify issues of the past.

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